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  • 20 minute gap between transfers

    Following each ride, our drivers have at least 20 minutes to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the car and ventilate the cabin.

  • Regular Car Sanitisation

    Our drivers thoroughly sanitise and disinfect cars according to Welcome Safety Protocol

  • Contactless ride

    When you book, you can request to have zero contact with the driver during the transfer with just one click. In this case, the driver won’t help you with your luggage or shake hands.

  • Sanitiser in every car

    We provide hand sanitisers and hand wipes for all our travellers. Our drivers have their own sanitiser, which they use before and after every ride

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Calgary Taxi

Calgary is the modern epicentre of Alberta, filled with impressive skyscrapers, world-class restaurants and high-end shopping. However, Calgary is also still full of that welcoming Western culture, as you can enjoy the yearly Rodeo and country festivals every year. The easiest way to get around this sprawling city is to take a fast and reliable Calgary taxi. You can find a Calgary cab at designated taxi ranks, by hailing one in the street, by calling a local phone dispatch company or by booking your transfers in advance. 


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
30 €
30 €
20 MIN
200 €
200 €
1 HR 30 MIN
125 €
125 €
1 HR 20 MIN
yellow taxis lined up in cab rank in Calgary

Cost of a Taxi in Calgary

Calgary Taxi rates are set and regulated by the City of Calgary Livery Transport Service. All Calgary cab companies must therefore adhere to the official rates by using an officially calibrated taximeter. There are two different rate systems; Rate 1 – if you’re travelling anywhere in the city, and Rate 2 – if your journey is originating from Calgary International Airport. 

Rate 1 – Normal Tariff

Base fare (inc first 120 m): €2.80 (CAD 3.80)

Price per 120 m: €0.15 (CAD 0.20)

Rate 2 – Originating from Calgary Airport

Base fare (inc first 120 m): €6 (CAD 8.30)

Price per 120 m: €0.15 (CAD 0.20)

It’s worth noting that Rate 2 includes the airport departure fee of €3.30 (CAD 4.50). There are also additional charges for things such as keeping your driver waiting for an hour (€25 (CAD 33.80)) and travelling during snowstorms. 

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How to get a Calgary Taxi

Finding a taxi in Calgary couldn’t be easier. There are many different private taxi companies in Calgary that can be hailed in the street or picked up at designated taxi ranks. Taxi ranks can be found outside of the main transport hubs, shopping centres, large hotels and tourist areas downtown. You can find a full map of taxi ranks in Calgary here. Although the colours and designs of each Calgary cab may vary, they are usually yellow or white in colour and have their company number and logo on the side. 

On the other hand, if you’d prefer a more personalised door-to-door service, you can call a phone dispatch Calgary taxi company for an on-demand service. Some of the top phone Calgary taxi companies are:

Calgary United Cabs: +1 403 777 1111

Delta Cab Ltd: +1 403 278 9999

Checker Cabs: +1 403 299 9999

Mayfair Taxi: +1 403 255 6555

Why book your Calgary Cab with Welcome Pickups?

Although there are many Calgary taxi companies available throughout the city, during peak times, bad weather or late at night, it can be near impossible to find an empty cab in the street, and wait times for phone dispatch taxis can be up to an hour. In this case, you can pre-book your Calgary taxi with Welcome Pickups and enjoy guaranteed on-time pickups, personalised transfers, unbeatable prices and 24/7 customer support. 

Calgary Taxi Tips

  1. Ensure your driver resets the taximeter before you begin your journey.
  2. Calgary cab drivers aren’t required to carry change for more than €3.60 (CAD 5) at night and €14.50 (CAD 20) during the day.
  3. Many Calgary taxi drivers take card payments, but be sure to ask before beginning your journey if you wish to pay this way.
  4. Tipping 10-20% of your final fare is expected in Calgary.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi in Calgary

In recent years, the city of Calgary has put a lot of money and effort into creating Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Calgary (WAV Calgary). Unlike their private counterparts who require pre-booking, WAV Calgary is a central dispatch company that provides on-demand wheelchair accessible taxis. Plus, every WAV Calgary taxi must charge the same as a regular taxi by law. To get a wheelchair accessible taxi in Calgary, you simply need to call +1 403 974 1110 and the closest available cab will be sent to you.  

Calgary Taxi Safety and Complaints

All taxis in Calgary are regulated by the Taxi and Limousine Advisory Committee, which guarantees public safety and quality of service. This means that Calgary cabs are very safe and well monitored. However, if you do experience any issues during your ride, such as overcharging or rude drivers, you can make a complaint by calling the non-emergency police department on +1 403 266 1234. Be sure to have your driver’s ID number or taxi number on hand when calling the police to help them deal with your complaint.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Calgary?

There are multiple phone dispatch Calgary cab companies that operate throughout the city. Some of the more trusted companies are; Calgary United Cabs +1 403 777 1111, Delta Cab Ltd +1 403 278 9999, Checker Cabs +1 403 299 9999 and Mayfair Taxi +1 403 255 6555.

How much does a taxi cost in Calgary?

Calgary taxi drivers use a taximeter to calculate your fare. The base fare for a normal journey within the city is €2.80 (CAD 3.80), which includes the first 120 m, and the cost per 120 m after this is €0.15 (CAD 0.20). If you’re originating from the airport, you will be charged a base fare of €6 (CAD 8.30), which includes the airport pickup surcharge of €3.30 (CAD 4.50).

Are Calgary taxis expensive?

Calgary taxi fares are quite reasonable and very well regulated. However, there are no set fares for journeys around the city. So, if you’d prefer the peace of mind that comes with a set-rate fare, you can book your Calgary taxi in advance with a trusted company like Welcome Pickups.

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