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Taxis in Limoges

Limoges is the city of porcelain – it is most famous for the production of decorated porcelain. This destination is a bit off the beaten path for tourists, but it is a wonderful place to visit. The city is nestled between rolling green hills and the historic centre of Limoges is home to medieval timber-framed houses and cobbled streets. It is also home to what is claimed to be the most beautiful train station in all of France.

Whether you are trying to get around the city or to a nearby destination, taking a Limoges taxi is the best way to get to wherever you are going. Various companies offer taxi services in Limoges. If you need a lift, you can take a taxi from a taxi stand, flag a taxi down the street or call to request a ride. Fares are generally based on a metered rate, but flat rates are offered for trips from Limoges airport to destinations near the Limoges train station. You can, of course, always book your ride in advance with a professional, English-speaking Welcome Pickups driver for a competitive flat rate with no hidden fees and a personalised trip.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
27 €
37 €
15 MIN
6 €
7.50 €
32 €
47 €
20 MIN
yellow roof sign on a vehicle with the words limoges taxi on it

Limoges Taxi Prices

Limoges taxis usually charge their fares based on a metered rate. The fare is determined by a base rate and a price per kilometre, plus an hourly rate for standing or waiting. Your fare can be estimated based on the following rates:

Base fare: €2.30
Price per kilometre during the day: €1.72
Price per kilometre at night (from 19:00 to 8:00) and on Sundays: €2.58
Hourly rate for standing or waiting: €22.20

If you are travelling from Limoges airport to a destination in the centre near the Limoges train station, a fixed fee is charged by the airport’s main taxi service. The fare costs €27 during the day and €37 at night and on Sundays. There is no additional charge for luggage., however, booking fees and waiting times are not included in the fare. Your best option for a competitive flat rate without any additional charges is to book your Limoges airport taxi in advance with Welcome Pickups.

What our customers say about Welcome

"Anabelia, our tour guide was wonderful. She guided us through history and food and made great suggestions and enabled us to understand Greek culture and the food. I would highly recommend this tour.”

How to get a Taxi in Limoges

Taxis are readily available in Limoges. You can find taxis waiting at taxi stands in the city, you can flag a taxi down from the street, or you can call a Limoges taxi company to request a ride. One of the main taxi companies you can call in Limoges is Allo Artisans Limoges Taxis (+33 5 55 38 38 38).

To avoid wasting time looking for a taxi or waiting for a driver to come to pick you up, another option is to pre-book a personalised transfer with one of Welcome’s prompt English-speaking drivers.

Book your Limoges Taxi Transfer in Advance

If you know where and when you’ll be needing a ride, you can save some time and hassle by booking your Limoges taxi ahead of time. When you book with Welcome Pickups, you know your driver will be there as soon as you need to be picked up. Plus, you will be charged a competitive flat rate, so you won’t have to worry about what a taximeter will add up to or about additional fees.

Tips for your taxi in Limoges

  1. In France, tipping your taxi driver isn’t expected. But for a great driver, it is common to round up the fare or to leave a 5-10% tip.
  2. If you want to pay for your fare by card, we suggest you check with your driver whether they can accept card before making the journey.
  3. A regular Limoges taxi can accommodate up to 4 passengers.
  4. Luggage that fits in the trunk of the taxi can be transported for free.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Limoges

The region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, including the city of Limoges, is recognized for its commitment to serving persons with reduced mobility. If you will be needing a wheelchair-accessible taxi during your stay in Limoges, you can contact Sofie Taxi (+33 5 55 79 45 58) to book a ride. They offer a properly equipped van with a wheelchair lift.

Limoges Taxi Safety and Complaints

Limoges taxis are a safe, comfortable, and fast way to get around the city and the surrounding area. Limoges taxi drivers can transport you to wherever you need to go reliably. If an issue does come up during your taxi trip, keep a note of what happened and when along with your receipt and the license plate number. You can report the issue directly to the taxi company that you used for the transfer.

Frequently asked questions

Do taxis in Limoges accept credit card payments?

If you pre-book your taxi ride in Limoges you will very likely be able to pay for your fare by card. However, if you are hailing a ride from the street, you may want to double-check that your driver accepts card payments before starting your journey.

How can I calculate my Limoges taxi fare?

Taxi fares in Limoges are usually based on a metered rate. The metered fare can be estimated by: a base rate of €2.30, €1.72 per kilometre during the day and €2.58 per kilometre at night, and an hourly cost of €22.20 for standing or waiting. The fare between Limoges airport and destinations near the Limoges train station is set at a fixed rate of €27 during the day and €37 at night, not including any applicable surcharges. For a competitive flat rate with no extra charges, you can also pre-book your ride with Welcome Pickups.

How do I call a taxi in Limoges, France?

Taxis can easily be found at taxi stands in the city or you can flag a taxi down from the street. If you want to call to request that a driver comes to pick you up, one of the main Limoges taxi companies you can contact is Allo Artisans Limoges Taxis (+33 5 55 38 38 38). You can also book your ride online in advance with Welcome Pickups.

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