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Turin Taxi

Turin Taxi - General Information and Tips


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  • 20 minute gap between transfers

    Following each ride, our drivers have at least 20 minutes to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the car and ventilate the cabin.

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    Our drivers thoroughly sanitise and disinfect cars according to Welcome Safety Protocol

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    When you book, you can request to have zero contact with the driver during the transfer with just one click. In this case, the driver won’t help you with your luggage or shake hands.

  • Sanitiser in every car

    We provide hand sanitisers and hand wipes for all our travellers. Our drivers have their own sanitiser, which they use before and after every ride

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Taxis in Turin

Turin is the perfect holiday destination for all, with wonderful museums, stunning monuments, fascinating Italian architecture and fun activities. With so much to explore, the best way to get around the city is in a Turin taxi.


Hand picked & english speaking drivers


Same price as a regular Taxi from the line


Drivers are always on time


24/7 Email & Phone support

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi prices
Day time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
28 €
32 €
25 MIN
24 €
28 €
20 MIN
28 €
32 €
25 MIN
55 €
59 €
45 MIN
Taxis in Turin

Turin Taxi Prices

Many taxi companies operate in Turin, and all calculate their fares using a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled, the time of day and whether you are travelling during the week, weekend or on a public holiday. The pricing is as follows:

Tariff 1:
Initial fare: €3.50
Price per km: €1.35
Waiting time per minute: €0.43

Tariff 2 (nighttime, weekends and holidays):
Initial fare: €6
Price per km: €1.35
Waiting time per minute: €0.43

What our customers say about Welcome

"Anabelia, our tour guide was wonderful. She guided us through history and food and made great suggestions and enabled us to understand Greek culture and the food. I would highly recommend this tour.”

How to get a taxi in Turin

Taxis in Turin are easy to come by as many can be found driving around. You can hail a cab from the streets, head to a well-known hotel, shopping area or tourist hub. Alternatively, you can book a taxi from one of the taxi companies or call their number directly:

Pronto Taxi: +39 (0) 11 5737
Radio Taxi: +39 (0) 11 5730
Posteggio Taxi: +39 (0) 11 0181

Nonetheless, if you would like to travel at a fixed price with no hidden fees and a local English-speaking driver, it is recommended to pre-book your Turin private transfer with Welcome Pickups.

Benefits of Booking a Private Transfer with Welcome

Finding your way around a new city and its public transportation system can be daunting. That is why exploring the city in a Turin taxi is the best way to start your holiday. At Welcome Pickups, we provide stress-free, personalised services and certified on-time pickups. All of our drivers are friendly local English speakers, handpicked and trained by us.

So why not avoid stressful transfers and long waits at taxi ranks and pre-book your stellar Turin transfer with Welcome Pickups?

Turin Taxi Tips

  1. Tipping your taxi driver in Italy is not common, but it is always appreciated. Travellers mostly round up their end fare to the higher amount.
  2. Ensure your driver turns on, resets and applies the correct tariff to their taximeter before starting your journey.
  3. To avoid bad surprises, it is recommended to ask your driver for an approximate price to your destination.
  4. It is advised to ask for and keep your receipt in case you forget something in your Turin cab.

Wheelchair Accessible Turin Taxis

Unfortunately, regular taxis in Turin cannot accommodate wheelchairs. However, a few specialised transportation companies are available upon request, such as:

Trasporto Disabile: +39 328 757 8080
Gruppo Torinese Trasporti:
+39 011  7641

Please note, it is important to book your taxi in advance.

Taxi Safety and Complaints in Turin

If you experienced a bad taxi ride, you could report your driver by filing a complaint with the taxi company you travelled with.

Make sure that you keep your taxi receipt containing all the important information you will be asked for (date, price, taxi registration number, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

How do you call a taxi in Turin Italy?

Various Turin taxi companies operate in and around the city, thus making them easy to come by. You can simply hail a taxi off the street or head to any popular tourist destination or popular hotel to find a taxi rank. Alternatively, you can pre-book a Turin taxi through Welcome Pickups, or your preferred company’s mobile app or phone number.

Do taxis in Turin take card payments?

Most taxis in Turin accept card payments, although it is always best to ask your driver beforehand to avoid surprises.

Do I need to tip my Turin taxi driver?

Tipping your taxi driver in Turin is uncommon; however, it is always appreciated. Most travellers round up their end fare to the higher amount.

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